The Libertarian Movement

This chapter focuses on libertarians and how the youth of this generation is getting most involved. Organizations such as Students for Liberty are being discovered, so the movement can spread and be more widely known. In this case study, 30 people ages 15-25 years-old that see themselves as being a libertarian were interviewed.

Key Terms:

  • Libertarianism– is “a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment.”- Wikipedia
  • The Liberty Movement– advancing liberty and protecting individual freedoms p.222
  • Big L– Those who have an investment in electoral politics
  • Little l– people who see to effect social change through educational mechanisms
  • Students for Liberty – an organization that follows the guidelines of The Liberty Movement but consists of only students. They stand for three principles, economic freedom to choose how to provide for one’s life, social freedom to choose how to live one’s life, and intellectual and academic freedom.

Aubrey Kenderdine

This is a blog post from the Students for Libertarianism website. It is a success story from a woman attending Northeastern University. She recently discovered libertarianism during her years at the university. She wanted to make a difference at her school by following the movement and successfully uplifting the ban on pepper spray on campus. She thought it was an important cause and it has the potential to now protect students on campus.

What Is Libertarianism?

This video explains libertarianism and what people following the movement support and oppose. It also compares and contrasts the other two most popular political parties, republican and democrat. Republicans lean toward no taxes while democrats want more social programs and liberationists believe, “Everyone should have absolute freedom to live their lives how they see fit.” 

This meme is making fun of liberationists. Since the main motto for libertarianism is, “Everyone should have absolute freedom to live their lives how they see fit” the meme is poking fun at how even though this country prides itself on freedom, it’s just not enough for them. Basically, hinting that nothing will ever be enough for the people who follow the libertarianism party.
Image: imgflip

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