Libertarian Youth

In this chapter titled “Bypassing the Ballot Box”, the focus was primarily on “How Libertarian youth are re-imagining the political”. This chapter consists of information gathered while studying a case of about 30 individuals who identify as Libertarian Youth. Most of the data is from interviews with participants in the age range of 15 to 25 years old.

Key Terms

  • Libertarian:  Libertarians share a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle.  They also share a skepticism of authority and state power, but they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing political and economic systems. (Pg. 219)
  • SFL: Students for Liberty
  • Big L” vs “little l”:  “Big L” those who have an investment in electoral politics. “Little L”, seek to effect social change through educational and discursive means rather than electoral ones. (Pg. 219)
  • Second-wave Libertarianism: Stage in the progression and adoption of a new technology where the emphasis shifts from experimentation to result-oriented commercial application. (pg. 220)
  • Dorian Electra: musician, director, and performance artist. Expresses Libertarian ideologies through her work, does not identify herself as Libertarian.

Participatory Politics: interactive, peer-based acts through which individuals and groups seek to exert both voice and influence on issues of public concern

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This meme, although short, simple, and blunt can serve as clarification for someone who may have a difficult time fully understanding what being a Libertarian is. Libertarians are skeptical about how much the government should be able to intervene in citizen’s lives. Of course there are some instances where government is needed for assistance, but the way the cat automatically cuts off whatever was being proposed that the government does is a clarifying factor in regards to Libertarian beliefs.
Posted by
stoat on August 15, 2016.
Image result for big L libertarian vs little l libertarian
A majority of the chapter spoke about how all of the youth interviewed said they do not vote. In fact, a lot of people who associate themselves as libertarians do not vote. This is some sort of add/article that is actually promoting people associated with the Libertarian party to get out and vote! This post acknowledges that libertarians voting could make significant changes.

This video was posted to Youtube by Libertarian Youth Caucus on Mar 24, 2016. By now we are all familiar with snap chat and some of us may have even seen it used as a campaign tool first hand. This video is silly and not useful to most of the youth population that already uses snapchat but it is showing how Youth Libertarians are able to use social media and their advanced technology to have their message reach as many citizens as possible. At some point in the chapter it is discussed how exactly the Modern Libertarian movement thrived quickly and gained a lot of attention, and this is exactly why.


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