Younger Libertarian Voices

This specific chapter in BAMN covers the younger generation and how their great impact can move our country towards a more libertarian society. There is a new up and coming movement being developed called the Student liberty Movement that focuses on young adults ages 15-25 and their impact on a more libertarian society.

Key Terms

  • Student liberty Movement: “this movement includes those involved in “Big L” libertarian politics, meaning those who have an investment in electoral politics” (219)
  • Libertarianism:political philosophy that takes individual liberty to be the primary political value” (britannica)
  • Big “L”: People who have invested into the electoral politics
  • Little “L”: People who would rather have social change
  • The chapter starts off with the President and co-founder of student liberty movement saying, “this is the most libertarian generation that has ever existed. I honestly believe most young people are libertarian. They’re socially tolerant. They’re fiscally responsible, and they’re, in general, non interventionists on foreign policy” (220)
  • The dynamic and shift of generations tends to be very important and has a real impact on politics. The idea is for each generation to have a more impactful shift towards libertarianism and what the citizens want. The newest generation seems to be the most focused on discursive change rather than the other generations that focused on electoral politics.
  • The younger generation shows us that, “Activism can come in many forms- in their case, often ones articulated as antithetical to the very concepts of electoral politics and national citizenship” (252).
  • This new generation has a lot of power amongst their own hands. There is only so much past generations can do to determine how it will be for the younger ones. Its is then in their own power to make the country what they want and ,ake it as libertarian as possible while trying to incorporate everyone’s views and values. This can be hard to do with some many people with extremely different views and beliefs.


  • As being part of this younger generation, can you see yourself and others moving toward a more libertarian society? How realistic is it really?
  • Do you think that if our generation moves more libertarian that other generations after us will continue to do so?


This meme shows the difference between Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. Republicans and Democrats seem to come off as so different when looking at this chart they aren’t extremely different they just portray themselves differently. This meme demonstrates that is is how you go about doing something that will make the real change, hence the marketing strategy title. It shows that libertarians want to get things done in an orderly fashion without getting caught up in all the little things.


This meme again shows that both Republicans and Democrats get focused on a lot of extra things behind politics and tend to argue back and forth. Libertarians on the other hand are more worried about the exact facts in front of them and how they are going to change them. The older generations are trying to show the younger one to look at the problems they are being faced with and change those rather than argue and focus on extra things.


This video is significant in that it demonstrated in an easy way exactly what a libertarian society is. The new generation needs to know what they are getting themselves into and how they can move into a more libertarian society.

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